Visual Pleasing Experience

Creating a visually appealing experience for all your website visitors is important and can be easily achieved by utilizing various tools that allow you to control the colors on your website. By doing so, you can help to create a pleasing experience for all who visit your site, especially for those with disability.

Background Color

The option allows you to change the background color of website content by using a color picker.

Text Color

The color picker option lets you adjust the text color of website content to better suit your needs.

High Contrast

This option increases the color contrast for all of the site’s content, making it easier to read.


The “Monochrome” option applies a black and white color scheme to your entire website.

Dark contrast

The dark contrast theme creates an atmosphere of sophistication and modernity for the website’s content.

Title Color

The option allows you to change the title color of your website content by using a color picker.

Low Saturation

The “minimize color saturation” option is great for making your site’s content less glaring and easier on the eyes.

High Saturation

The “Color Saturation” option can be used to change the color saturation for all content on the website.

Light contrast

Setting a light contrast for the content of your site can make it easier on the eyes and help with overall clarity.